Thursday, April 21, 2016

About Me

Hey, thanks for stopping by! I am glad you found me amidst the million other food blogs on the world wide web.

I am Melisha and here’s a little about me. From being a child who hated eating, I grew up into a big foodie who HAS to eat something interesting every day. Cooking and baking are my favourite pastimes. 

Being the only child with a single parent, cooking came in very early into my life. By class 4, I knew to make a decent fish curry – a sample food for most Mangaloreans. I was in class 5 when I made my first chicken curry. It is till date the best dish I have ever prepared. Here’s something I cant resist telling you. It was a dish called chicken pot roast from a recipe book which comes with a product. It was the first time I tried marinating. I loved the fact that so many ingredients went in and the chicken would soak in it overnight that I put in extra ingredients (in fact all) from another recipe on the opposite page. The result was a yummy mix of I don’t know what! I still am very proud of what I did that day. Then of course daily cooking and Sunday experiments continued and there was no looking back.

I was in class 7 when I got into baking. A traditional oven which looked more like an idli cooker and a wooden spoon became my best friends. Of course, I had to rely on the recipe book that came with the oven. I had a base recipe and tried sssoooo many combinations. I experimented. All of them tasted great, but yes did have an occasional flaw. I would on purpose add a little  more of some ingredient to see what it did to the cake. Those experiments have taught me so many things that today I am glad I came that way.

Cakes for all occasions, free Christmas cakes for all those I met, occasional biscuits, a few cupcakes here and there. Several years later, I gifted myself an OTG out of the blue and a hand mixer. It was probably ‘that feeling’ that I would put it to good use.

In my 17th year of baking and my first year as a mother of an adorable boy I decided, I was going to follow my passion and started Just Like Mum’s (  in 2014. I knew I had to do something with my interests. Many friends encouraged me with regular orders. I started taking baking classes because I knew I was good at teaching and was confident of all that I had learnt over the years. I am blessed because I have a wonderful mum and husband who keep my interest as priority and work everything around it.

Why this blog? I loved writing, eating out and started out with this blog for restaurant reviews and now with so many recipes in my diaries, I wanted a place to keep the, safe. Now you know!

Thank you for patiently reading through my story. I hope you find what you are looking for in this blog.