Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sizzler Ranch

I had been waiting to go to this sizzler place for a long time and finally on a rainy Saturday, Vinod and me decided to indulge in sizzlers. Mangalore has few choices for sizzlers but I found Sizzler Ranch a good bet.  Located near the Mangalore City Corporation building, this place looks quite small form the outside. The garden seating is great if it does not rain. Inside the cozy looking restaurant, the seating is in two levels. The place in all can seat about 50 pax if not more. The menu mainly consists of various sizzlers and some side orders to go with them.  When you visit a sizzler joint, go straight for the sizzlers unlike what we did. We shared a Cream of Chicken Soup to begin with. A bland, not-so-creamy chicken broth was not a great start but was not a disappointment either.

Cream of Chicken Soup
If that was not enough, we ordered for Chicken and Chips. The chicken was mildly spiced, well done but not juicy. A brown sauce was poured over it with a generous sprinkle of pepper and salt. The quantity is good and may be too much for two before the main course.

Chicken and Chips

When it was time for sizzlers, we were not too hungry. We asked the waiter to suggest a sizzler with a cheesy sauce. Since we were sharing the sizzler, we were looking for something sinful. He recommended the Chicken Satellite. What was served was a standard sizzler with chicken with veggies, the only addition being a slice of cheese. The sauce was the usual brown sauce. However the taste was not disappointing. It might not be as good as the sizzler at Kobe but this was still one of the best in Mangalore.

Chicken Satellite
 Finally we could not resist the Sizzler Brownie and ordered for one to be shared. A scoop of vanilla ice cream balanced atop a warm brownie, with chocolate sauce sizzling on the plate. There was a piece of heaven in every slice as we scraped the plate clean.

Sizzling Brownie

The exterior of Sizzler Ranch and the two waiters who refused to move

Overall the meal was good. The place is neat. The service is fast and the prices for the quantity are very affordable.  

Pay by : Cash
Restroom : Basic facility with a steel wash basin like those in trains
Average meal for two : Rs 450
Mel’s overall rating : 2 out of 5
Location: Nehru Avenue Road, Lalbagh, Mangalore 575003  Phone: 0824 2459008